todd snyder - user 2018-01-21T19:35:06-05:00 AUTO CORRECT - Rating: 4.3/5,2007-01-01:142427 2011-10-11T15:17:04-04:00 2011-10-11T15:17:04-04:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>Im still trying to wrap my head<br>around that third bubble. AUTO CORRECT - Rating: 3.6/5,2007-01-01:142397 2011-10-10T17:03:34-04:00 2011-10-10T17:03:34-04:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>Not always the best way to do business. TOO BAD LIFE - Rating: 3.9/5,2007-01-01:142395 2011-10-10T15:17:22-04:00 2011-10-10T15:17:22-04:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>didnt have one of these little buttons. WOOHOO - Rating: 4.5/5,2007-01-01:142347 2011-10-09T09:28:00-04:00 2011-10-09T09:28:00-04:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>Contract dispute solved The Simpsons<br>are on for another two seasons 72 COCAINE CAPSULES IN THE GI TRACT - Rating: 4.4/5,2007-01-01:141590 2011-09-16T13:55:14-04:00 2011-09-16T13:55:14-04:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>Dude thats gotta hurt. WALDGEIST - Rating: 3.5/5,2007-01-01:95423 2010-03-24T13:00:47-04:00 2010-03-24T13:00:47-04:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>Hmmm must be a German word for Heaven WAL MART WEDDINGS - Rating: 4.3/5,2007-01-01:95198 2010-03-22T14:45:19-04:00 2010-03-22T14:45:19-04:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>Located between Sporting Goods and Automotive THE RECESSION MUST BE OVER - Rating: 4/5,2007-01-01:94321 2010-03-15T20:54:08-04:00 2010-03-15T20:54:08-04:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>Cuz theyre hiring turkeys dinosaurs and losers. OBSESSIVE COMPULSIVE GUITARAMP BUYING DISORDER - Rating: 3.1/5,2007-01-01:93400 2010-03-09T10:38:43-05:00 2010-03-09T10:38:43-05:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>STOP ME BEFORE I EBAY AGAIN DEFINITION BAD DAY - Rating: 4/5,2007-01-01:92342 2010-03-02T10:18:45-05:00 2010-03-02T10:18:45-05:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>Getting hit by a train AND having your dead carcass flung on top of a<br>transmission pole. PIZZA DELIVERY - Rating: 3.5/5,2007-01-01:92257 2010-03-01T14:17:03-05:00 2010-03-01T14:17:03-05:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>Quick service better tips FOLKS IN NEW ENGLAND - Rating: 3.5/5,2007-01-01:91790 2010-02-25T12:52:08-05:00 2010-02-25T12:52:08-05:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>are getting a wee bit tired of winter. VOTE FOR YOUR FAVORITE - Rating: 4/5,2007-01-01:91777 2010-02-25T09:56:35-05:00 2010-02-25T09:56:35-05:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>and leave funny commentsa group<br>effort motifake ILL GET YOU MY PRETTY - Rating: 2.2/5,2007-01-01:91662 2010-02-24T13:06:23-05:00 2010-02-24T13:06:23-05:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>and your little dog too. SO RIDDLE ME THIS . . . - Rating: 4.4/5,2007-01-01:90992 2010-02-19T14:04:01-05:00 2010-02-19T14:04:01-05:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>. . .why are my computer help desk calls routed to India instead of Japan CUTTING EDGE TECHNOLOGY - Rating: 3.7/5,2007-01-01:90827 2010-02-18T12:54:13-05:00 2010-02-18T12:54:13-05:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>From Alabamas own FGSU<br>Forrest Gump State University<br>home of the Fightin Shrimp BETWEEN THE RESURRECTION AND THE SECOND COMING . . . - Rating: 3.9/5,2007-01-01:90797 2010-02-18T07:28:31-05:00 2010-02-18T07:28:31-05:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>. . . Jesus used his carpentry skills to make some extra coin HEY MOM...... - Rating: 4.1/5,2007-01-01:90722 2010-02-17T15:23:01-05:00 2010-02-17T15:23:01-05:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>....why cant I find a job MINNESOTA CONVERTABLE - Rating: 4/5,2007-01-01:90581 2010-02-16T12:57:49-05:00 2010-02-16T12:57:49-05:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>I just looove the feel of<br>33F wind blowing through my hair. THIS IS WHY - Rating: 4.1/5,2007-01-01:90441 2010-02-15T13:09:56-05:00 2010-02-15T13:09:56-05:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>Dogs bite people EXCUSE ME - Rating: 3.1/5,2007-01-01:89598 2010-02-10T13:09:25-05:00 2010-02-10T13:09:25-05:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>Which way to the Homeowners<br>Association Office BOY SCOUTS OF AMERICA EST. FEB 8 1910 - Rating: 3.8/5,2007-01-01:89571 2010-02-10T07:19:25-05:00 2010-02-10T07:19:25-05:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>Thank you for 100 years of service. THE FASHION POLICE - Rating: 3.6/5,2007-01-01:89570 2010-02-10T07:15:46-05:00 2010-02-10T07:15:46-05:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>Must be on coffee break. WHEN HELMETS DONT MAKE SENSE - Rating: 3.6/5,2007-01-01:89436 2010-02-09T12:37:33-05:00 2010-02-09T12:37:33-05:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>Whats the name of that book again<br>Oh yeah What Color is Your Parachute. IF SHE ASKS FOR DIAMONDS ON VALENTINES DAY . . . - Rating: 2.9/5,2007-01-01:88888 2010-02-05T12:32:44-05:00 2010-02-05T12:32:44-05:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>. . . show her this poster and negotiate a deal. THE ULTIMATE VALENTINES GIFT FOR YOUR MAN - Rating: 3.7/5,2007-01-01:88867 2010-02-05T08:34:14-05:00 2010-02-05T08:34:14-05:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>Hey ladies hurry its on sale<br>only OMG and YIKES cents. GOD - Rating: 2.8/5,2007-01-01:82784 2009-12-22T13:41:39-05:00 2009-12-22T13:41:39-05:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>Remembered where he left his car keys. A LADDER TO THE CLOUDS - Rating: 3.3/5,2007-01-01:82782 2009-12-22T13:40:12-05:00 2009-12-22T13:40:12-05:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>The sleeping dude at the bottom of the<br>picture is missing out on some awesome<br>eye candy. BAD NEWS SANTA HAS OUTSOURCED CHRISTMAS DELIVERY - Rating: 3.7/5,2007-01-01:82716 2009-12-21T21:07:23-05:00 2009-12-21T21:07:23-05:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>Good News Computer navigational error<br>has sent all the presents to your house. I THINK THEREFORE I AM . . - Rating: 2.5/5,2007-01-01:81318 2009-12-11T07:43:43-05:00 2009-12-11T07:43:43-05:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>. . . and theres doughnuts. AS I MATURE . . . - Rating: 3/5,2007-01-01:81317 2009-12-11T07:36:58-05:00 2009-12-11T07:36:58-05:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>. . . more things become painfully obvious. WORLD HISTORY 101 - Rating: 3.9/5,2007-01-01:81107 2009-12-09T17:55:15-05:00 2009-12-09T17:55:15-05:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>A pictoral essay featuring some of your favorite motifake pics CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS - Rating: 2.9/5,2007-01-01:80912 2009-12-08T13:55:45-05:00 2009-12-08T13:55:45-05:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>Some are stranger than others. HEY ROSIE ODONNELL - Rating: 3.4/5,2007-01-01:80729 2009-12-07T07:57:05-05:00 2009-12-07T07:57:05-05:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>The delivery guy is here with your lunch. HOLY GHOST - Rating: 3.2/5,2007-01-01:80728 2009-12-07T06:41:33-05:00 2009-12-07T06:41:33-05:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>From the New CHarlie Brown Translation of the Bible. PARALLEL PARKING - Rating: 2.8/5,2007-01-01:79438 2009-11-25T14:25:55-05:00 2009-11-25T14:25:55-05:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>At the mall on Black Friday 30 seconds before the doors open. OFFICE REFRESHMENT - Rating: 2.5/5,2007-01-01:79436 2009-11-25T14:12:54-05:00 2009-11-25T14:12:54-05:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>Every office should have one of these. LIKE THEY SAY YOU CAN NEVER GO BACK. - Rating: 3/5,2007-01-01:79218 2009-11-23T21:49:47-05:00 2009-11-23T21:49:47-05:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>Thank God. Amen. Hallelujah. UNITED STATES MARINE CORPS FA18 FIGHTER - Rating: 4.3/5,2007-01-01:79120 2009-11-23T08:00:38-05:00 2009-11-23T08:00:38-05:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>Awesome has a new flavor. PROFOUND WORDS - Rating: 2.3/5,2007-01-01:78836 2009-11-20T20:07:03-05:00 2009-11-20T20:07:03-05:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>For us to ponder. ON THE UPSIDE . . . - Rating: 2.3/5,2007-01-01:78833 2009-11-20T19:57:16-05:00 2009-11-20T19:57:16-05:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>. . . the exhaust on this vehicle is<br>totally SWEET HEAVY METAL - Rating: 3.3/5,2007-01-01:78831 2009-11-20T19:50:18-05:00 2009-11-20T19:50:18-05:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>Just because your music is awesome<br>doesnt mean you are. 70S HUMOR - Rating: 3.8/5,2007-01-01:78699 2009-11-19T21:27:57-05:00 2009-11-19T21:27:57-05:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>Theres no school like the old school. OVERNIGHT DELIVERY - Rating: 4.1/5,2007-01-01:78455 2009-11-18T08:21:07-05:00 2009-11-18T08:21:07-05:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>Usually a lot faster than the pizza delivery guy. AWWWW GEEZ . . . - Rating: 3.5/5,2007-01-01:78277 2009-11-16T15:43:50-05:00 2009-11-16T15:43:50-05:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>. . . thats like my entire diet except<br>for the tootsie rolls SLAM OF THE WEEK - Rating: 2.8/5,2007-01-01:78101 2009-11-14T19:22:53-05:00 2009-11-14T19:22:53-05:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>Use it well use it often. MAXINE - Rating: 2.2/5,2007-01-01:78094 2009-11-14T17:45:42-05:00 2009-11-14T17:45:42-05:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>Isnt she just adorable SMOKE ANGELS - Rating: 3.3/5,2007-01-01:77987 2009-11-13T21:41:29-05:00 2009-11-13T21:41:29-05:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>Courtesy of the US Air Force. US ARMY - Rating: 2.9/5,2007-01-01:77950 2009-11-13T15:17:45-05:00 2009-11-13T15:17:45-05:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>They understood that our Constitution<br>and the freedom it guarantees are<br>worth fighting for. US ARMY - Rating: 3.7/5,2007-01-01:77947 2009-11-13T14:34:53-05:00 2009-11-13T14:34:53-05:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>For thou hast been a shelter for me<br>and a strong tower from the enemy<br>Psalm 613 PURPOSE - Rating: 3.7/5,2007-01-01:77945 2009-11-13T14:31:58-05:00 2009-11-13T14:31:58-05:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>The function of the naval aviator is<br>a courier service for the ordnanceman. BASIC MARKMANSHIP - Rating: 3.2/5,2007-01-01:77943 2009-11-13T14:28:46-05:00 2009-11-13T14:28:46-05:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>If you cant dazzle them with<br>brilliance riddle them with bullets. TALENT - Rating: 3.7/5,2007-01-01:77940 2009-11-13T14:21:34-05:00 2009-11-13T14:21:34-05:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>The ability to spot a woman in a<br>bikini at 3 nautical miles cant be<br>taught in flight school. CARPE DIEM - Rating: 3.4/5,2007-01-01:77939 2009-11-13T14:18:16-05:00 2009-11-13T14:18:16-05:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>Cuz youll never know when you can<br>go boating at government expense<br>again. PRUDENCE - Rating: 3.5/5,2007-01-01:77938 2009-11-13T14:14:01-05:00 2009-11-13T14:14:01-05:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>Never fly in the same cockpit with<br>someone braver than you. BASIC - Rating: 3/5,2007-01-01:77937 2009-11-13T14:09:31-05:00 2009-11-13T14:09:31-05:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>Its all good. ENCOURAGEMENT - Rating: 2.8/5,2007-01-01:77935 2009-11-13T14:06:12-05:00 2009-11-13T14:06:12-05:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>Sometimes when youre down all it takes<br>is a word of encouragement to<br>pick you up. DOITYOURSELF PROJECT - Rating: 3.1/5,2007-01-01:77880 2009-11-12T21:31:39-05:00 2009-11-12T21:31:39-05:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>In matters of faith God has already<br>completed the project.<br>if its not broke dont fix it POWER PROJECTION - Rating: 1.9/5,2007-01-01:77856 2009-11-12T18:52:58-05:00 2009-11-12T18:52:58-05:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>Getting your peeps to pimp out your<br>102000 ton super carrier into a kickin<br>date magnet. HYDRAULICS GUTS AND GLORY - Rating: 3.9/5,2007-01-01:77754 2009-11-12T07:57:01-05:00 2009-11-12T07:57:01-05:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>This thing is so on my Christmas list. DEAR VETERANS - Rating: 4/5,2007-01-01:77678 2009-11-11T16:03:35-05:00 2009-11-11T16:03:35-05:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>Thanks for your service. YOU ROCK AND YOU QUESTION GOD WHY ME - Rating: 3.4/5,2007-01-01:77568 2009-11-10T21:50:25-05:00 2009-11-10T21:50:25-05:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>Always look at the bigger picture. WAKE UP CALL . . . - Rating: 2.7/5,2007-01-01:77513 2009-11-10T15:52:43-05:00 2009-11-10T15:52:43-05:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>. . . for motorists who talk on cell<br>phones and text while driving. PUCKER FACTOR - Rating: 3.7/5,2007-01-01:77488 2009-11-10T11:56:44-05:00 2009-11-10T11:56:44-05:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>On a scale of 1 to 10 this is an 11. GRIFFINSIMPSON 2012 - Rating: 2.9/5,2007-01-01:77443 2009-11-09T22:18:00-05:00 2009-11-09T22:18:00-05:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>Yeah its gotten that bad. LIVING IN TEEPEES AT 37F . . . - Rating: 3.3/5,2007-01-01:77352 2009-11-09T13:10:09-05:00 2009-11-09T13:10:09-05:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>. . .naaaaahhhh Im good. If you need<br>me Ill be in Cancun. BOOGIE JESUS - Rating: 2.3/5,2007-01-01:76673 2009-11-04T12:49:43-05:00 2009-11-04T12:49:43-05:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>Swingin to the oldies. DEFINITION HOWARD - Rating: 2.3/5,2007-01-01:76670 2009-11-04T12:46:08-05:00 2009-11-04T12:46:08-05:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>The Lords middle name. Our Father<br>who art in Heaven Howard be thy name. DEFINITION MAYONNAISE - Rating: 2.2/5,2007-01-01:76669 2009-11-04T12:40:40-05:00 2009-11-04T12:40:40-05:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>Southeastern explative. For example<br>Mayonnaise a lotta Asian hotties on<br>this Motifake website DEFINITION A BOOT - Rating: 2.9/5,2007-01-01:76668 2009-11-04T12:28:40-05:00 2009-11-04T12:28:40-05:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>Canadian preposition. For example<br>Its A BOOT time for a Molson eh FIRST GUY PULL MY FINGER - Rating: 2.1/5,2007-01-01:76651 2009-11-04T06:23:14-05:00 2009-11-04T06:23:14-05:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>Second Guy No way dude you did this at<br>my sisters wedding and stunk up the<br>place. 2009 CLEVELAND BROWNS - Rating: 2.9/5,2007-01-01:76399 2009-11-02T15:13:15-05:00 2009-11-02T15:13:15-05:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>Yeah its that bad. CRAFTSMANSHIP - Rating: 3.8/5,2007-01-01:76379 2009-11-02T13:03:18-05:00 2009-11-02T13:03:18-05:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>This guy has it. So dude how much<br>to build a deck on my house QUIZNOS PARTY SANDWICH ORDER - Rating: 2.2/5,2007-01-01:76300 2009-11-01T21:35:49-05:00 2009-11-01T21:35:49-05:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>Called in Sec. of State she negotiated<br>a great deal with free chips and half<br>off the soft drinks. WELL COUNT ME OUT - Rating: 2/5,2007-01-01:75874 2009-10-29T06:29:37-04:00 2009-10-29T06:29:37-04:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>My butt is much bigger than 24 X 48. WALLACE AND GROMIT - Rating: 3.3/5,2007-01-01:75843 2009-10-28T22:22:40-04:00 2009-10-28T22:22:40-04:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>Claymation Animation Domination SEMPER GUMBY - Rating: 3.4/5,2007-01-01:75842 2009-10-28T22:19:09-04:00 2009-10-28T22:19:09-04:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>Always Flexible POPEYE - Rating: 2.7/5,2007-01-01:75839 2009-10-28T22:02:59-04:00 2009-10-28T22:02:59-04:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>Youre doin it wrong. BITMAP - Rating: 3.3/5,2007-01-01:75662 2009-10-27T15:14:59-04:00 2009-10-27T15:14:59-04:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>Providing a unique Motifake perspective MODEL CITIZEN - Rating: 4/5,2007-01-01:75615 2009-10-27T09:01:14-04:00 2009-10-27T09:01:14-04:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>Respecting his neighbors opinions. PIXY STIX - Rating: 3.3/5,2007-01-01:75319 2009-10-24T11:52:12-04:00 2009-10-24T11:52:12-04:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>Old school crack a lot cheaper and the<br>crash is easier to deal with unless<br>youre the mom 1870S ENERGY DRINK - Rating: 3.5/5,2007-01-01:74976 2009-10-22T14:37:22-04:00 2009-10-22T14:37:22-04:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>And it comes with that cool straw too. DAVES INSANITY SAUCE - Rating: 3.4/5,2007-01-01:74959 2009-10-22T12:31:34-04:00 2009-10-22T12:31:34-04:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>Yeah it feel like that goin down. TOUCHLESS BATTLESHIP WASH - Rating: 3.1/5,2007-01-01:74958 2009-10-22T12:29:58-04:00 2009-10-22T12:29:58-04:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>Free with a fill up 8 or more gal. THATS WHY - Rating: 2.6/5,2007-01-01:74957 2009-10-22T12:28:36-04:00 2009-10-22T12:28:36-04:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>Mama always told you to wait 30 minutes<br>after eating before going swimming. BITMAP HUMOR - Rating: 2.8/5,2007-01-01:74945 2009-10-22T09:30:45-04:00 2009-10-22T09:30:45-04:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>Lets jazz up this boring office<br>ergonomics power point a bit. CREST WHITENING FORMULA - Rating: 1.8/5,2007-01-01:74715 2009-10-20T12:55:59-04:00 2009-10-20T12:55:59-04:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>Youre doing it wrong MICROWAVE POPCORN DIRECTIONS - Rating: 3.6/5,2007-01-01:74714 2009-10-20T12:47:51-04:00 2009-10-20T12:47:51-04:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>Read and heed CUSTOMER SERVICE - Rating: 3.1/5,2007-01-01:74713 2009-10-20T12:36:36-04:00 2009-10-20T12:36:36-04:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>Youre doin it wrong GHOSTBUSTERS 3 - Rating: 2.3/5,2007-01-01:74401 2009-10-17T18:24:04-04:00 2009-10-17T18:24:04-04:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>Introducing Flamer Slimers openly<br>gay cousin. LOOKEE WHAT I FOUND MOM - Rating: 2.7/5,2007-01-01:73945 2009-10-13T09:21:12-04:00 2009-10-13T09:21:12-04:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>Can we keep him Pleeeeeease SIMON AND GARFUNKLE - Rating: 3.5/5,2007-01-01:73817 2009-10-11T22:11:29-04:00 2009-10-11T22:11:29-04:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>The early years. LAYOFFS AT SESAME STREET - Rating: 3.4/5,2007-01-01:73812 2009-10-11T21:26:24-04:00 2009-10-11T21:26:24-04:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>The union is not happy. 21ST BIRTHDAY - Rating: 2.9/5,2007-01-01:73789 2009-10-11T18:54:47-04:00 2009-10-11T18:54:47-04:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>awesome for you mathematically improbable<br>for dogs. CAVITY PREVENTION - Rating: 3.3/5,2007-01-01:73787 2009-10-11T18:50:01-04:00 2009-10-11T18:50:01-04:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>Youre doin it wrong PARALLEL PARKING - Rating: 3.4/5,2007-01-01:73643 2009-10-11T10:08:45-04:00 2009-10-11T10:08:45-04:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>The vertical approach NAVY HUMOR - Rating: 3.7/5,2007-01-01:73610 2009-10-10T22:54:02-04:00 2009-10-10T22:54:02-04:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>Challenging our Army counterparts to<br>come back with an even more awesome<br>motifake. TOM AND JERRY - Rating: 3.1/5,2007-01-01:73608 2009-10-10T22:37:05-04:00 2009-10-10T22:37:05-04:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>Old school Itchy and Scratchy. THE US NAVY KALMAR - Rating: 2.6/5,2007-01-01:73588 2009-10-10T20:00:07-04:00 2009-10-10T20:00:07-04:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>So awesome not even Batman has one. POOPER SCOOPER - Rating: 3.3/5,2007-01-01:73585 2009-10-10T19:42:59-04:00 2009-10-10T19:42:59-04:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>City ordnance 435b.1.c requires that you clean up after your TRex. GUNS DONT KILL PEOPLE . . . - Rating: 3.2/5,2007-01-01:73571 2009-10-10T15:54:58-04:00 2009-10-10T15:54:58-04:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>. . . but apparently they DO wipe out<br>savings accounts. GROSSLY OVERMATCHED - Rating: 3.3/5,2007-01-01:73410 2009-10-09T08:14:55-04:00 2009-10-09T08:14:55-04:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>A.K.A. Twins vs. Yankees playoff series. DEAR SANTA - Rating: 3.7/5,2007-01-01:73409 2009-10-09T08:13:16-04:00 2009-10-09T08:13:16-04:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>Id like a spirograph rockemsockem<br>robots and . . .oh yeah one of these. US AIR FORCE - Rating: 3.9/5,2007-01-01:73405 2009-10-09T08:00:59-04:00 2009-10-09T08:00:59-04:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>Bullets Who needs bullets CARMEN SAN DIEGO WALDO - Rating: 3.1/5,2007-01-01:73404 2009-10-09T07:49:29-04:00 2009-10-09T07:49:29-04:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>Invisible offspring THERE ARE TIMES WHEN FINISHING SECOND . . . - Rating: 3.4/5,2007-01-01:73361 2009-10-08T19:38:22-04:00 2009-10-08T19:38:22-04:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>. . . is not an option. THAT 70S HEARTBURN - Rating: 3/5,2007-01-01:73085 2009-10-06T14:36:56-04:00 2009-10-06T14:36:56-04:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>Plopplop fizzfizz ohh what<br>a relief it is . . . AND FINALLY - Rating: 3/5,2007-01-01:73049 2009-10-06T08:14:22-04:00 2009-10-06T08:14:22-04:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>7 when chartering a wooden vessel<br>a passenger list that includes termites<br> woodpeckers isnt a great idea. FREEDOM OF SPEECH - Rating: 3/5,2007-01-01:72632 2009-10-02T12:19:23-04:00 2009-10-02T12:19:23-04:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>ROCKS LDS BAPTISMAL BASIN - Rating: 2.1/5,2007-01-01:72605 2009-10-02T09:45:12-04:00 2009-10-02T09:45:12-04:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>Man them Mormons know how to have fun TOO MUCH TIME ON YOUR HANDS - Rating: 3.4/5,2007-01-01:72604 2009-10-02T09:42:43-04:00 2009-10-02T09:42:43-04:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>Youre doin it right. OLYMPIC GOLD MEDAL WINNER . . . - Rating: 3.3/5,2007-01-01:72596 2009-10-02T06:39:16-04:00 2009-10-02T06:39:16-04:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>. . . in the 500m freestyle buffet. 3 NEW U.S. NAVY SHIPS - Rating: 2.7/5,2007-01-01:72410 2009-09-30T08:15:12-04:00 2009-09-30T08:15:12-04:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>A reflection of the times. DEFINE ARSE CHOSE ONE - Rating: 2.8/5,2007-01-01:71661 2009-09-22T17:38:34-04:00 2009-09-22T17:38:34-04:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>1.Washed up politician who wont retire.<br>2.Where to apply Prep H.<br>3.White dude playin the race card. SEMPER FI - Rating: 3.4/5,2007-01-01:71657 2009-09-22T17:28:57-04:00 2009-09-22T17:28:57-04:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>MeansMess with democracy and well slap<br>you so hard your ancestors will feel it. NOPE - Rating: 2.8/5,2007-01-01:71512 2009-09-21T15:09:17-04:00 2009-09-21T15:09:17-04:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>I dont think we gettin our pizza in 30 minutes. COLOSSAL ACHIEVEMENT . . .SAME RESULTS - Rating: 2.9/5,2007-01-01:71474 2009-09-21T10:24:27-04:00 2009-09-21T10:24:27-04:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>891500 square meters for ladies<br>shoes 500 square meters for guy<br>stuff and 137 Starbucks. US NAVY - Rating: 3.3/5,2007-01-01:71172 2009-09-18T07:50:49-04:00 2009-09-18T07:50:49-04:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>n1. Translated for the ancient Hebrew<br>word meaning awesome beyond the<br>comprehension of human reasoning. RACE CARD II - Rating: 3.4/5,2007-01-01:70959 2009-09-16T21:19:57-04:00 2009-09-16T21:19:57-04:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>Yeah its gettin old . . . like Jimmy<br>Carter. OFFICE ERGONOMICS I - Rating: 2.8/5,2007-01-01:70330 2009-09-10T08:03:52-04:00 2009-09-10T08:03:52-04:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>Poking fun at some dryyyy lecture material. ACTOR GARY COLEMAN - Rating: 3.2/5,2007-01-01:70055 2009-09-07T17:11:46-04:00 2009-09-07T17:11:46-04:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>Now gamefully employed as a motifake<br>model at Woodywood03a studios. SECOND FIDDLE - Rating: 2.5/5,2007-01-01:69880 2009-09-05T17:17:40-04:00 2009-09-05T17:17:40-04:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>Yeah the job is that exciting. SUICIDE - Rating: 2.7/5,2007-01-01:69342 2009-09-01T10:22:10-04:00 2009-09-01T10:22:10-04:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>Of the West GREEN - Rating: 3.1/5,2007-01-01:69214 2009-08-31T09:37:36-04:00 2009-08-31T09:37:36-04:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>Its the new stupid. SEE NO FLAKES - Rating: 2.5/5,2007-01-01:67729 2009-08-17T10:59:20-04:00 2009-08-17T10:59:20-04:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>Thats why I use Head and Shoulders. ER EXCUSE ME FOLKS . . . - Rating: 2.4/5,2007-01-01:67388 2009-08-13T07:57:37-04:00 2009-08-13T07:57:37-04:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>. . . just had an unexpected bowel<br>movement Ill be back in a sec. TAX MAN - Rating: 3.1/5,2007-01-01:67170 2009-08-11T10:43:28-04:00 2009-08-11T10:43:28-04:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>One for you 19 for me cuz Im the<br>tax man yeeeeah Im the tax maaaan. WHOA DUDE - Rating: 2.4/5,2007-01-01:67168 2009-08-11T10:37:57-04:00 2009-08-11T10:37:57-04:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>Chill out on the Taco Bell FEEEELIIIIINGS - Rating: 2.5/5,2007-01-01:67167 2009-08-11T10:36:46-04:00 2009-08-11T10:36:46-04:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>whoa whoa myyyy feeeelings . . . HEY - Rating: 2.4/5,2007-01-01:66519 2009-08-06T13:07:40-04:00 2009-08-06T13:07:40-04:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>Who farted THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY - Rating: 2.8/5,2007-01-01:66387 2009-08-05T13:48:54-04:00 2009-08-05T13:48:54-04:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>Keepin the fuglies out of the University of Minnesota since 1870. SAVE A TREE - Rating: 3.3/5,2007-01-01:66385 2009-08-05T13:32:39-04:00 2009-08-05T13:32:39-04:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>Wipe your butt with an owl. FACTS - Rating: 3.1/5,2007-01-01:66035 2009-08-03T10:38:27-04:00 2009-08-03T10:38:27-04:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>The kryptonite of the Democrats. HISTORY - Rating: 3.5/5,2007-01-01:66033 2009-08-03T10:36:55-04:00 2009-08-03T10:36:55-04:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>Those that didnt learn from the past<br>are destined to repeat history. MINNESOTA TWINS PITCHING - Rating: 2.7/5,2007-01-01:66032 2009-08-03T10:35:21-04:00 2009-08-03T10:35:21-04:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>Someone call 911 the Red Cross or<br>something geez. GOD - Rating: 3/5,2007-01-01:65703 2009-07-31T13:30:58-04:00 2009-07-31T13:30:58-04:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>If there is no God who always pops up that next Kleenex ALABAMA - Rating: 2.9/5,2007-01-01:65700 2009-07-31T13:19:27-04:00 2009-07-31T13:19:27-04:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>Keeping it in the family since 1819. CAT - Rating: 2.4/5,2007-01-01:65698 2009-07-31T13:11:10-04:00 2009-07-31T13:11:10-04:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>The other white meat MMMM COOKIES - Rating: 2.7/5,2007-01-01:65684 2009-07-31T10:54:53-04:00 2009-07-31T10:54:53-04:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>I smell fresh baked chocolate chip cookies mmmmm MY EYES - Rating: 2.8/5,2007-01-01:65399 2009-07-29T10:58:00-04:00 2009-07-29T10:58:00-04:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>MY EYES OH MY EYES IT HURTS TURN IT OFF MAKE IT STOP BROMANCE - Rating: 2.3/5,2007-01-01:65398 2009-07-29T10:55:06-04:00 2009-07-29T10:55:06-04:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>Youre doin it wrong. NICHOLSON VS. LEDGER - Rating: 3.1/5,2007-01-01:65380 2009-07-29T07:46:54-04:00 2009-07-29T07:46:54-04:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>Which Joker is better Vote now.<br>The debate rages on. FARM TOWN - Rating: 3.2/5,2007-01-01:65293 2009-07-28T11:02:41-04:00 2009-07-28T11:02:41-04:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>Its the new Everquest aka Evercrack. 37 CENT - Rating: 3.6/5,2007-01-01:65195 2009-07-27T17:30:46-04:00 2009-07-27T17:30:46-04:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>The recession has hit everyone. NO NO NO - Rating: 2.9/5,2007-01-01:65194 2009-07-27T17:28:29-04:00 2009-07-27T17:28:29-04:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>I said TWO cheeseburgers and a diet soda. 70S TV WORD PLAY - Rating: 2.9/5,2007-01-01:65152 2009-07-27T07:53:34-04:00 2009-07-27T07:53:34-04:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>When you get it youll LOL. 70S ROCK PART III - Rating: 2.9/5,2007-01-01:64928 2009-07-24T21:03:09-04:00 2009-07-24T21:03:09-04:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>Respect the classics man<br>Fillmore from Cars the movie. DEFINITION BAD DAY - Rating: 3.7/5,2007-01-01:64886 2009-07-24T13:41:07-04:00 2009-07-24T13:41:07-04:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>n. 1When all Hell breaks loose MEN DOING LAUNDRY PART IV - Rating: 3.4/5,2007-01-01:64882 2009-07-24T13:10:01-04:00 2009-07-24T13:10:01-04:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>When all else fails learn to do it<br>yourself. WHEEL - Rating: 3.2/5,2007-01-01:64697 2009-07-22T21:42:43-04:00 2009-07-22T21:42:43-04:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>The wheel was invented to get man to the<br>beer and to get the beer to man. MEN DOING LAUNDRY PART III - Rating: 3.6/5,2007-01-01:64646 2009-07-22T13:39:24-04:00 2009-07-22T13:39:24-04:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>In order to avoid actually doing the<br>laundry it is sometimes necessary to<br>think outside the box. 70S ROCK PART II - Rating: 2.4/5,2007-01-01:64547 2009-07-21T18:11:45-04:00 2009-07-21T18:11:45-04:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>Ladies and gentlemen the amazing<br>Blue ... Oyster... CUUUULT MEN DOING LAUNDRY PART II - Rating: 3.1/5,2007-01-01:64537 2009-07-21T16:17:48-04:00 2009-07-21T16:17:48-04:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>If the procedure is incorrect or not<br>clear seek your supervisor for<br>further guidance. BULEMIA - Rating: 2.5/5,2007-01-01:64442 2009-07-20T19:42:55-04:00 2009-07-20T19:42:55-04:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>Youre waaaaaaay doin it wrong. SOCIALIZED DENTISTRY - Rating: 3.1/5,2007-01-01:64441 2009-07-20T19:39:36-04:00 2009-07-20T19:39:36-04:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>Yeah this doesnt work either. 70S ROCK PART I - Rating: 2.8/5,2007-01-01:64440 2009-07-20T19:35:08-04:00 2009-07-20T19:35:08-04:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>Rock on DEF LEPPARD - Rating: 2.8/5,2007-01-01:64393 2009-07-20T13:38:17-04:00 2009-07-20T13:38:17-04:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>Watch out for the Rock Brigade SHES RIGHT - Rating: 2.8/5,2007-01-01:64392 2009-07-20T13:35:38-04:00 2009-07-20T13:35:38-04:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>Dude you forgot the 6 doughtnuts duh LIBERALS - Rating: 2.4/5,2007-01-01:64390 2009-07-20T13:31:58-04:00 2009-07-20T13:31:58-04:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>Taking stupid to a new level. GOVERNMENT MOTORS PART 4 - Rating: 2.6/5,2007-01-01:64197 2009-07-17T19:32:40-04:00 2009-07-17T19:32:40-04:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>New 2010 Eurotrash Sedan Line<br>now feeding at the ethanol trough. SOCIALIZED MEDICINE - Rating: 2.4/5,2007-01-01:64128 2009-07-16T21:56:12-04:00 2009-07-16T21:56:12-04:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>Told ya it wouldnt work. COMMUNIST WHITE SOX FAN - Rating: 1.9/5,2007-01-01:64118 2009-07-16T19:40:43-04:00 2009-07-16T19:40:43-04:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>Driving up attendance in Minnesota<br>Detroit Cleveland Kansas City and<br>Wrigley Field. STIMULUS PACKAGE - Rating: 2.3/5,2007-01-01:64115 2009-07-16T19:05:51-04:00 2009-07-16T19:05:51-04:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>President Obama announces the creation<br>of 2500 new jobs in the San Fransisco<br>metro area. REINCARNATION - Rating: 2.2/5,2007-01-01:63995 2009-07-15T13:44:07-04:00 2009-07-15T13:44:07-04:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>This is what happens to Buckeye fans. EXCUSE ME - Rating: 3.3/5,2007-01-01:63935 2009-07-14T20:12:46-04:00 2009-07-14T20:12:46-04:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>Does anyone have change for a five SARAHS FIGHT SONG - Rating: 2.9/5,2007-01-01:63803 2009-07-13T21:56:11-04:00 2009-07-13T21:56:11-04:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>Do I hear the theme song to Rocky<br>2012 YEAH BABY MADAM PRESIDENT - Rating: 2.9/5,2007-01-01:63801 2009-07-13T21:44:49-04:00 2009-07-13T21:44:49-04:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>Get back at everyone who bashed you and<br>win it all in 2012. YOU GO GIRL DEAR MR. POSTMAN - Rating: 2.9/5,2007-01-01:63799 2009-07-13T21:37:09-04:00 2009-07-13T21:37:09-04:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>Please deliver to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.<br>It is painfully obvious that said occupant<br>is in dire need of one of these. MINNEAPOLIS LAKERS - Rating: 3/5,2007-01-01:63783 2009-07-13T17:26:55-04:00 2009-07-13T17:26:55-04:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br> GLOBAL WARMING - Rating: 2.8/5,2007-01-01:63782 2009-07-13T17:25:49-04:00 2009-07-13T17:25:49-04:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br> EVOLUTION - Rating: 2.7/5,2007-01-01:63781 2009-07-13T17:24:42-04:00 2009-07-13T17:24:42-04:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br> ARTERIOSCLEROSIS - Rating: 2.9/5,2007-01-01:63761 2009-07-13T13:12:29-04:00 2009-07-13T13:12:29-04:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>On her death bed I promised mama I<br>wouldnt die of cancer. THE BANANA SPLITS - Rating: 2.9/5,2007-01-01:63758 2009-07-13T13:05:00-04:00 2009-07-13T13:05:00-04:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>DrooperBingoSnorkey and Fleegle.<br>More 70s kiddie fun sponsored by<br>pot and LSD. SQUIRREL - Rating: 3.1/5,2007-01-01:63757 2009-07-13T13:03:26-04:00 2009-07-13T13:03:26-04:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>A.D.D.zilla strikes again. THE BANANA SPLITS - Rating: 3.6/5,2007-01-01:63479 2009-07-10T15:40:59-04:00 2009-07-10T15:40:59-04:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>Drooper Bingo Snorky and Fleegle.<br>Another great 70s kiddie product<br>sponsored by LSD. THAT 70S CEREAL PART II - Rating: 3.1/5,2007-01-01:63415 2009-07-09T20:08:12-04:00 2009-07-09T20:08:12-04:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>14 oz. box contained 13 oz. of sugar and<br>a 1 oz. prize. THAT 70S CEREAL - Rating: 3.4/5,2007-01-01:63413 2009-07-09T20:02:12-04:00 2009-07-09T20:02:12-04:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>Hangin out down the street eatin<br>Quisp like we did last weeeek.<br>NOM NOM NOM HURRY - Rating: 3/5,2007-01-01:63412 2009-07-09T19:51:01-04:00 2009-07-09T19:51:01-04:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>This CapnCrunch buyonegetonefree<br>coupon expires in 15 minutes 39 - Rating: 3/5,2007-01-01:63358 2009-07-09T13:18:57-04:00 2009-07-09T13:18:57-04:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>Its the new 75. EX LAX - Rating: 3.4/5,2007-01-01:63297 2009-07-08T22:21:38-04:00 2009-07-08T22:21:38-04:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>Does a body good eat your heart out<br>Jared. SENIOR MUTANT NINJA TURTLE - Rating: 2.7/5,2007-01-01:63275 2009-07-08T18:50:25-04:00 2009-07-08T18:50:25-04:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>Turtle in a halfshell EXLAX power ACCOUNTABILITY - Rating: 2.9/5,2007-01-01:63262 2009-07-08T17:20:54-04:00 2009-07-08T17:20:54-04:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>Mr. President isnt it about time to man<br>up and take responsibility for the epic<br>disaster youre creating RIGHT TOOL FOR THE RIGHT JOB - Rating: 3.2/5,2007-01-01:63258 2009-07-08T17:16:41-04:00 2009-07-08T17:16:41-04:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br> GOVERNMENT MOTORS - Rating: 2.9/5,2007-01-01:63255 2009-07-08T17:15:03-04:00 2009-07-08T17:15:03-04:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br> MORMON TOURETTES - Rating: 3.7/5,2007-01-01:63252 2009-07-08T17:12:10-04:00 2009-07-08T17:12:10-04:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br> PI R SQUARED - Rating: 1.9/5,2007-01-01:63108 2009-07-06T16:11:53-04:00 2009-07-06T16:11:53-04:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>PI Rnt squared. PI R round.<br>Cornbread R squared. GOVERNMENT MOTORS - Rating: 2.9/5,2007-01-01:63092 2009-07-06T14:14:33-04:00 2009-07-06T14:14:33-04:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>New 2010 CapntradeXR7.<br>28 footpounds of raw torque. EPIC FAILURE - Rating: 2.6/5,2007-01-01:62789 2009-07-03T10:30:13-04:00 2009-07-03T10:30:13-04:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>Tylenol sales at these stadiums most be phenomenal. HALLOWEEN - Rating: 3.1/5,2007-01-01:62774 2009-07-03T09:40:10-04:00 2009-07-03T09:40:10-04:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>Is going to the dogs. ICE FISHING - Rating: 2.9/5,2007-01-01:62733 2009-07-03T00:13:43-04:00 2009-07-03T00:13:43-04:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>Youre doin it wrong. FRUCTOSE - Rating: 3.4/5,2007-01-01:62720 2009-07-02T23:16:13-04:00 2009-07-02T23:16:13-04:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>Making America large and in charge<br>since 1982. EXPEDITIONARY WARFARE SPECIALIST EXW - Rating: 3.1/5,2007-01-01:62718 2009-07-02T22:54:20-04:00 2009-07-02T22:54:20-04:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>Not for the fainthearted. WORLDS FIRST MANCAVE - Rating: 3.8/5,2007-01-01:62715 2009-07-02T22:37:32-04:00 2009-07-02T22:37:32-04:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>And the Lord saw that it was good and he was pleased. BOT PIRATE - Rating: 2.7/5,2007-01-01:62711 2009-07-02T22:25:27-04:00 2009-07-02T22:25:27-04:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>Prepare to be boarded lass BUTT PIRATE - Rating: 2.6/5,2007-01-01:62710 2009-07-02T22:12:00-04:00 2009-07-02T22:12:00-04:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>Reason 435 why you dont drop your soap<br>in the shower in boot camp. EBAY - Rating: 2.1/5,2007-01-01:62707 2009-07-02T21:55:59-04:00 2009-07-02T21:55:59-04:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>cuz I cant afford crack or cocaine. JESUS - Rating: 3/5,2007-01-01:62706 2009-07-02T21:52:29-04:00 2009-07-02T21:52:29-04:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>Official sponsor of . . er . . um. . .<br>EVERYTHING REPUBLIC OF THE PHILIPPINES - Rating: 3.7/5,2007-01-01:62704 2009-07-02T21:47:46-04:00 2009-07-02T21:47:46-04:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>Bringing American men unprecedented<br>joy and happiness since 1898. MEN DOING LAUNDRY - Rating: 3.4/5,2007-01-01:62467 2009-06-30T18:05:06-04:00 2009-06-30T18:05:06-04:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>Not a good idea unless<br>1. We have a procedure OR<br>2. We have direct womanly supervision. HEARTATTACKGRILL.COM - Rating: 2.3/5,2007-01-01:61623 2009-06-23T17:59:59-04:00 2009-06-23T17:59:59-04:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>The Holy Grail of Homer Simpson. MINNESOTA - Rating: 3.6/5,2007-01-01:61535 2009-06-22T19:50:47-04:00 2009-06-22T19:50:47-04:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>33F keeps the riffraff out. GREENZILLA - Rating: 2.8/5,2007-01-01:60118 2009-06-10T17:33:23-04:00 2009-06-10T17:33:23-04:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>Global warming liberal green boogeyman<br>trying to fearmonger you out of your for<br>a nonproven myth. 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